Which of the following card should i get ?


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Sep 30, 2014
Hello guys , Which one should i get ,

Asus gtx 980 reference design one .

Msi gtx 980 Reference design one.

Msi gtx 970 Twin frozer

ill be gaming at 1080p , My rig i5 4570 ,Corsair 8gb ram . I wont overclock .Does the reference design give less fps than the non reference design? If thats so than msi gtx 970 would give more fps than these 2 reference design gtx 980 ? or maybe near to it? ILL play shadows of mordor :)


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Nov 22, 2012
Clocks speeds decide the performance, design by itself means nothing for performance since you don't OC.

Does noise and/or power draw mean anything to you? Do you need specific outputs? More than 1 DP? More than 1 DVI?


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Aug 26, 2000
The 980 is going to be overkill. Then, as you get to where it isn't anymore, it will be old, and you'll want something new just for features. The 970 should be enough to max out even most graphics modded games today and in the near future, at 1080P.

With no OCing, the stock speed differences aren't much. IMO, decide if the different display options may matter to you for the life of the card, then noise (Asus, MSI, and Palit currently do not run the fans at low temps), and go for the 970.


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Aug 1, 2012
can i run everything on ultra including AA and AO in games with gtx 970 on 1080p?

Currently you can run 99% of games on those settings. The thing that stinks about wanting max settings all the time is that you usually have to upgrade every generation to do so. If Shadows of Mordor is as hardware intensive as some people are hyping it up to be, you're probably going to see at least dips below 60 fps on a 970 with max settings+AA. They probably won't be too bad though.

It's going to be difficult to match a heavily overclocked 970 to a slightly overclocked 980, much less expecting the reference clocks to play similarly. Since you won't oc, expect anywhere from 5-15 fps more on the 980 for demanding games. Both will likely still give you playable frames for a while.

My recommendation is that it's not worth paying $200 more for the 980, but it will hold up to your expectations better. If you have the cash and absolutely need to max everything out, won't ever attempt to overclock, and don't want to upgrade for a while, the 980 is better. Otherwise the 970 just makes more sense in every regard for 1080p.