Where to buy lots of tiny thumbdrives


Nov 28, 2010
I'd like to add a bunch of dead drops to my city. Buying a bunch of thumbdrives at the store or on eBay would exceed the expense I can justify for what is essentially an exercise in idle amusement, so I'd like to find some place that sells old thumbdrives for the tiny value they actually have and stock up there. Normal shops won't do, because they insist on selling old drives at the price they had back when they were new, ignoring the several years' worth of technological improvement we've had since then. Ebay is about the same.

I'm looking to buy, I dunno, about 20 or 30 drives at a buck each or so.

Stores in Hong Kong are OK as long as they don't sell hacked drives; stores in the US are probably not, because shipping tends to be so expensive as to cancel out any saving.

Any idea where to find this?


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Nov 10, 2011
Post your project on FS/FT or Freebies thread here on AT. I just had a 256MB drive I threw in the trash.