Where do you go B&M to shop for computer stuff?


Jul 11, 2001
I used to go to a lot of the Robert Austin computer shows in Oakland, when they were down by the Coliseum and later when they were downtown. Seemed like I went to half of them (probably less). They stopped having them 2-3 years ago and their website said they were taking a breather. I don't think they've resumed.

It's neat to have a place where dozen or two vendors all set up tables and bring stuff. They have to be competitive to do a lot of business, so the prices are sometimes quite good compared to what you're likely to find just going into a random store.

I liked to go to see the new stuff coming out. They often didn't have the very latest cutting edge stuff, but I learned a lot anyway. If I needed something legacy, there was a good chance I could find it there. There was even some used stuff. I bought lots of stuff at those shows. They were especially great for the little stuff -- cables, connectors, adapter boxes, all kinds of little stuff that comes out cheaper than if you order it and have it shipped.

Where can you find anything like that nowadays? Are there flea markets that have computer stuff, maybe some other shows? What are your favorite sources for odds and ends computer and other electronics stuff?

Doing a Google search I see that Robert Austin computer shows are happening now at the Cow Palace. I drove out there once or twice, but it's a long trek for me.


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Apr 30, 2001

if i really really have to get something now at a B&M, then i'll drive over to the micro center


May 23, 2002
The normal BB, CC, C-USA, OD, OM, etc. But that onyl happens if they have a really great deal that it's cheaper than buying online. Or for a major purchase that I want a place to take it to if it breaks.


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Dec 14, 2000
yeah i used to go to shows all the time. but the quit having them about 5 years ago or so.

i just order from Newegg. i can wait the week to get the items.