Where Are The Gigabyte GA-N680SLI-DQ6 Motherboards?

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Apr 5, 2005
Good Morning Everyone.

Since it seems that the usefulness of this Thread has come to an end, I suppose that I ought to be the one to enter a final word. When I began this Thread many, many months ago, I never imagined that it would become a sort of Clearing House for most all matters associated with the N680i board.

Of course, over those many months the Thread also became the voice of the numerous folks that were gravely disappointed in the failure of the N680i board to perform and function as advertised. All of that led to the "Great Revolt" by the consumers, and a bit of a terse and bitter debate between the consumers and Gigabyte concerning those failures. However, in the end, Gigabyte saw the light and did the right thing for its customers. Those corrective actions finally adopted by Gigabyte would have NEVER been accomplished without the many voices that were raised in protest on this Forum and in this Thread.

However, above and beyond all of that, we all collective owe a great debt to Mr. Gary Key for his steadfast support of the N680i board owners. Even when Mr. Gary was faced with God-awful personal tragedies within his family, he never let us down. Lesser men would have folded up and disappeared - but not Mr. Gary. Mr. Gary always provided us with the latest Bios updates and other very important insights into the developing situation with the N680i board. Quite frankly, that volume and level of solid information was not available anywhere else in the world, other than on this Thread.

So as this chapter closes, I wish to congratulate each of the members and especially the faithful posters on this Thread. We also established a higher level of civility on this Thread, even when we were provoked to do otherwise on a few brief occasions. I have noticed that that higher level of civility has carried over onto some other Threads as well, and you are all to be congratulated for those efforts as well.

In closing, it was a pleasure and an honor to have been part of this historic endeavor, and I'll look forward to talking with you on other threads on the Forum. It was a GREAT ride!

Best regards to everyone. TheBeagle :D :beer:

  1. It gives me such a warm feeling to see the thread creator saying the last words. It is not something we see often for this kind of (long) thread and I'd like to applause your sincerity, TheBeagle. My respect goes to you as well, for you have shown the courage to fight against the odds for everyone's behalf. Thank you.

    Also, while we all have been a part of the story, we cannot help but recognizing and praising our own editor, Gary Key. Without his distinguished ethics and the accompanied actions, this story wouldn't have been possible. So thank you, Gary.

    I'm now closing this 'historic' thread. Hopefully the history will have learned its lesson. :)

    AnandTech Moderator lopri