When are movie theaters supposed to open back up?

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Aug 21, 2005
I agree with all of that, you're absolutely right on point, and it's still time to get back to work. Protect those that are at risk, let everyone else have their lives back. All the ill's of society are on the increase, drug use, booze, domestic violence, child abuse. There are also hundreds of thousands that will never recover from the financial damage. I don't know how to weigh lives ruined against lives lost, I don't know the calculus of comparing deaths right now to deaths and lives ruined in the future from the shutdown fallout. I do know that what we're doing now is unsustainable.
Yeah, nobody does. But my objection to the rush to reopen is that the lives at risk are mine and my family. People can't be trusted to act in the best interests of the herd, if they feel safe then screw everyone else. Are we creating a catch 22? An awful lot of people are going to look at movie theaters and bars and barber shops as high risk virus breeding grounds and stay away. And the ones who go back might not be enough to save the businesses. It's pretty easy to connect some dots here and see these business failing anyway AFTER they serve as a gathering place for the next batch of Typhoid Marys.

The financial damage might be less if the lockdown was tighter. More damage per week over a much shorter period of time can work out better than flattening the fallout curve too. The longer this stays bad the more lives will get wrecked and saying "We're reopening" is not going to be business as usual. The smart people will stay as isolated as possible and the idiots will keep spreading it.
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