what's your reccomendation for a TV Tuner Card?


Dec 1, 2002
it has to be a good one. im looking to convert VHS (macrovision protected) tapes to VCD. I'm also looking to write standard cable programming... is there one with a way i dont have to record commercials?

that's pretty much all i want to do with this card.

im looking to spend about 40-60 bucks.

also, where can i get an S Video to RCA converter for under 40 bucks? i tried good guys, all they had was monster (100 bucks), then i tried radioshack, they had one for 40. im trying to find a nice cheapie for like 5-10.

oh, i hated the chick at the radio shack store.

Me: Hey, do you have a S-Video to TV input converter?

Her: doesnt exist. coax is a audio video signal, s video is just video **(as if i dont know that...)**

Me: yes, i know.. im not talking about a coax converter. i mean an s-video to RCA converter. you know, the type leading from a VCR to the TV?

Her: it's right there.. it's 40 dollars. that's the only one we have.

me: what would justify me spending 40 bucks on a crappy signal converter?

her: well, that's an S-Video to RCA converter. that's a hard conversion to make. There arent any made cheaper.

ARRGGH!!! Stupid biatches...

and, just in case you're wondering, the chick is fugly.. i wouldnt even hit her, and im so depraved my pickyness is at about 16%.