Whats your plan? Do you think before you act?Use your head and not your "insert suitable term" to think!


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Jan 24, 2000
1) Ask yourself, just how mature mentally is she?
2) Ask her where she think she is going to be in 10, 20, 30, 40 years time?
3) How many chance does a person have to start their life over again?
4) What is regret and why do people regret the decision they made when they were younger?
5) Does she know that she can be happier or rather as happy by doing something SUPER?
6) Does she knows that she can be a future marathon champion?
7) Does she know that it is possible for her to be millionaire before she turns 20 and she can become a billionaire before she turns 30?

Youth have incredible potential, it hurts to see that so many youth are throwing their lifes away. First or all sex, protected or unprotected have effects on your lifes and it indirectly have an impact on how you behave infront of others?

Ever in a situation where you are always trying to get some?
Ever lose self control?
Ever have the thought of sex for so long that you cease to function normally?

Ask yourselves these question and at the end you have to make the decision. I do not intent to tell you what to do or anyone what to do for that matter. You are free to make a decision.

I always plan before I make a move. Its like playing chess only that life have more variables then chess.

Once again its your decision to make its your life to rule.
I hope the best for you.

I posted this because of the post that I have seen in this forum, it really makes me think more before I post. Cause I know that peoples' life will be affected even though its their own decision.

Life is hard Are responsible for what you say?



Nov 27, 2000
Why is it that going to the bathroom never enters anyone's plans? It's a regular part of life, just like eating and going to sleep, but no one ever plans to make time for it. I think that we as a society need to take a closer look at our priorities and correct this matter.

Remember, no one ever plans to fail to make it to the pot in time, but some people fail to plan on making it to the pot in time!

Thank you.

Why are you people so caught up in western capatalism?
Mabey, someday, you will open your eyes, and see there is a lot more to it.


Sep 18, 2002
You seem to think of life as a game... whether you win or lose, you're going to end up in the ground.