What's with nostalgia?

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Orignal Earl

Diamond Member
Oct 27, 2005
nostalgia is weird, i feel it all the time and i am only 30ish

i remember feeling happier and more optimistic when i was 15 to 25, and then i think about what was going on then:

- 9/11
- dot com crash
- not being able to drive most of that time for medical reasons
- taking medications that had all sorts of negative effects on my mind and body
- college semesters which were super hard and took 60 hours a week of work
- working for low pay at internships
- had almost no money

and yet i STILL miss those times, and wish that i could go back. but i honestly don't know why.

i think it may have been that at that time i still had optimism. i thought the world could get better, and i might end up in a better situation someday.

now i realize that nothing ever gets better, it just gets different. there is always some calamity attempting to befall mankind. there is always someone or something conspiring to make life miserable. there is always spending 50+ hours a week doing a job you usually hate, and struggling to keep up with the changes to continue to be employable.

you work through 40 years of that, then have a decade or two of increasing medical problems, and then die.

This reminds me of how a guy can hook back up with an ex gf/wife
It's so easy to dismiss the 23 out of 24 hours of misery with we had a lot of fun at the beach that time and damn she was good in bed


Nov 20, 2005
My favorite is nostalgia about a 70's show that it itself was 50's nostalgia.


Grease of course is the same category.