Whats the next BIG upcoming games?


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Feb 27, 2013
I want a new game to be my main game. A game that won't die in the 1st week or in couple months. A game that has a lot of online players. Not games where you have to queue for 1 hour. For example. FF14 and Overwatch are very popular and are BIG games that can be your main game for many years.

Any future big games that are coming out? or rumoured? MMO'S? I don't care about FPS cuz CSGO and OW is taking over so there no competition. The next big MMO is revelation online the but content is shit and not looking so good right now and I think the game will die out quickly.

Any good suggestions?
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Mar 4, 2003
I really enjoy Heroes of the Storm. Vastly under rated by people who haven't given the game a chance. Superior to Dota & LoL in regards to being FUN.


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Jan 29, 2005
Does it have to be "taking over"? Or does it only have to be fun? I suppose that Overwatch is 'taking over' on the competitive scene, or perhaps specifically in South Korea. But when it comes to just having fun it may or may not be a "main game" for many. Some just don't like Overwatch at all, or they liked it at first then stopped eventually. There's plenty of people playing Heroes of the Storm, or Smite, or Paragon, or when it comes to MMORPGs there's the obvious Black Desert going on right now.

Before Overwatch came out I used to play Mass Effect 3's multiplayer pretty much every day for about 3 years non-stop. Then sure Overwatch came out, it was new and refreshing, played it a lot like a lot of people did. Then I stopped with Overwatch for a time and went back to some Diablo 3, then gave a try to Elder Scrolls Online recently. I still play some Overwatch from time to time, but I think it's getting worse and worse as the months and new patches and "balance changes" come. I actually almost uninstalled it no longer than about two weeks ago, but I decided against it only because I want to at least give a try to the next hero when she comes out... then I'll see.

Mass Effect Andromeda is right around the corner, and it looks like they haven't changed the multiplayer formula too much from ME3, which is awesome for me. So even if the campaign sucks I'll probably play the multiplayer like there's no tomorrow for a couple of years. But I always end up playing something else anyway at some point. When I have a "main" game it never lasts more than about two months, because if I keep playing JUST one particular game non-stop then it always burns me at some point no matter if it's a masterpiece or not. I have to go look elsewhere from time to time.

So I dunno... suggestions for "main" games don't quite come to mind, but some online games I know that a lot of people play on a regular basis despite other big name games "taking over" would be:

- Heroes of the Storm
- DOTA 2
- Paragon
- Smite
- Black Desert Online
- Elder Scrolls Online
- Team Fortress 2
- Warframe
- EVE Online
- For Honor
- World of WarCraft
- League of Legends
- StarCraft 2
- Battlefield 1
- Diablo 3
- World of Tanks
- Grand Theft Auto V
- Guild Wars 2
- Rift

And well that's about what I can think of for now but there's obviously many, many more. For upcoming games... I for one know I'll be very interested by Andromeda's multiplayer but it's focused on 4 players cooperation, so it's not everyone's cup of tea. For other games... not sure, if you like fighting games you could always give a try to Killer Instinct, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd or wait for Injustice 2 if you like superhero stuff, or go with Mortal Kombat X. The gist is that you'll probably have to give a try to most of the ones you think might interest you before you find your "main" game. That, or watch a lot of "Let's Plays", Streams on Twitch and gameplay videos on YouTube, etc (to make up your mind about one of them and then stick to it if it's your goal).
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Jul 15, 2003
For me? Not much.

Dawn of War 3 is looking pretty unimpressive. I dont see any sequels to games I like. Theres no original titles grabbing my interest.
The best I can hope for is some of my Early Access titles finally get released. But thats asking a lot.
I think I'll just wait to see if Breath of the Wild comes down in price around Christmas.
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Oct 1, 2003
I am looking forward to Battlefront 2, rumored to be out this year. I enjoyed the first one a lot.
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Jul 6, 2004
NO Oxygen Included, made by the DONT STARVE people, very early alpha, but fun base building game. its on Steam but the BUY page wont show unless you go to a link on the devs page. Not going to light any fires, but i have been addicted in optimizing my builds for a few weeks now. not to much out (new) right now some stuff coming but not soon. I hit on WoW a bit now that legion hype is "sorta" burning off (i say that and cant find a thing to kill in the daily quest areas as its dying as it pops). I stll get my daily 3-4 games of LFD2 in.. lotta BAAADD players around now, so its a challenge to keep them alive. Havent done to much WOT , in the top end stuff and to much purple (unicorns). My first trip through the tiers was a blast , my second, good, this 3rd is brutal in the end levels, of course there are way more tanks now to grind through then there where 4+ years ago.

I have played alot of Craft the World too (dwarf base building, alot like NO OXYGNE actually)
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Jun 7, 2001
Path of Exile will release a new expansion coming up in a few months. If you have not played PoE yet then it will be the perfect time. One of the best games ever made imo and it's free.
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Feb 12, 2012
As Zenoth suggested, Andromeda could be your new BIG game that should keep you occupied for a good couple of months.