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What's the deal with Dell coupon codes these days?


Oct 11, 1999
I've been asked by different people recently about buying a computer (laptop or desktop) so I usually just suggest Dell or HP as they are obviously more than capable machines. But I had mentioned coupon codes as I know before that you could get insane deals from Dell. Like two years ago when I got my 2005FPW, I applied a 40% off then a $60 off, which is a huge savings.

But now I've heard of people buying them off Ebay for a few bucks. So I searched on Ebay for Dell coupons except what I don't understand is why auctions say something like

"Here is the code: XXXXXXXXXXXX

Feel free to try it to make sure it works then come back here and click Buy it Now."

or they will link to their site that lists a bunch of codes. So why the hell would someone come back to buy the code if you just give it to them??

So I haven't seen stuff like 40% off anymore, but I'm wondering if there are still good Dell coupons. I'm specifically looking more for ones that would save money off a say $749 system, as opposed to huge savings off a $1499 system. Also, in the past I remember that you couldn't stack coupons in SB, only Home, but I've read you can stack in SB now.