Question What's the best RAM for a 3600 XT

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Hans Gruber

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Dec 23, 2006

Sounds like a solid plan. Also might be a good idea to see how UEFI support for Zen3/Vermeer shakes out in October. Some boards may do a really good job of supporting it. Some, not so much. We'll see!


Hope it helped. BTW, for you (or anyone else) who looked at that kit @Massive79 posted . . . and to expand on what @BTRY B 529th FA BN posted:

That kit is beastly. If you have the money and don't care about the aesthetics, heck yea get that. It's Samsung b-die in all its glory, and it's tuned out-of-the-box to be in the range that you want for Matisse (Vermeer? Who knows?). But. You may have some issues getting that kit to work perfectly on a board that is daisy chain versus T-topology. Whereas the Micron e-die kits (and also Hynix CJR kits) that are 2x16GB should work quite well - if not better - on daisy chain boards versus T-topology. And most x570 boards are daisy chain I think, except for some of the cheaper ones.

Something to think about.

Also it's not red-themed so blah.
This is the kit I got for Zen 3 a few months ago. I have 32GB 4x8GB sticks of of CJR DDR4 3600 sitting in a drawer for my current build. Either one should work well with Zen 3. The E-die is 16GB sticks.
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