What's the best Google Cardboard Headset?

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Oct 2, 2005
Looking to get some affordable VR going while I impatiently await the release of the Rift/Vive. I have a literal cardboard headset, but I want something with a strap that's comfortable to wear. Anyone hear use Cardboard, and if so with what headset?

Edit: Also it needs to be able to fit a Nexus 6P.
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Dec 24, 2000

Now that samsung has come out with a VR of their own, and so happens I own a S6...

I wonder if 99 bucks is probably the cheapest this will get. Maybe might get lucky and get it for 70-80 bucks on BF. Probably not worth it for 20 bucks ... just order one now. I have no idea about google cardboard. Looks uncomfortable.

I guess I just read about your Nexus 6p... So the above is for people with S6. :)

you bought the wrong phone!


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Feb 15, 2002
imo there is nothing on google cardboard worth the money yet. I was able to jump into cardboard using the plastic viewmaster toy/ Unfortunately there are only about 2 dozen apps out there (ignoring the standalone single still image 360 apps) and about %50 of them do not work properly as they do not distort the images for each eye, but merely separates them.

Frankly the only real use I as getting out of it was the 360 videos on youtube, but #1 there are very few with the quality 1440p streaming needed for good enough detail, #2 they are all between 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length and of nothing to get interested in, and #3 google 360 is still 2d. Now I have just gotten my new phone with a 1440p screen and one of my major experiences I still want to try with it is 3d movies (using the theater app). I've never had a 3d tv so this is my chance to finally watch these movies in 3d. The phone I had before was 720p and a bad candidate for VR.

Looking around at google cardboard forums shows a lot of inactivity.


Oct 2, 2010
I have the Galaxy note5 and plan on picking up the new GearVR being released for it later this month.


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Dec 24, 2000

Samsung just released the Consumer VR Gear... for 99 bucks...

Amazon has it here...


Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset

Works with note5 and edge+




Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition - Virtual Reality - for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

In Stock... $99

I have an S6... But that also brings me to a choice...

What one do I get??? Both are priced the same... The newer one, had built in controller that well... Kinda sucks... I'd rather have a controller that I can hold in my hand. I would image that you could buy a better controller in the future? Personally I think reaching up on the headset to interact with things, takes away from the experience.

I think the sensors in the headsets are probably the same. One thing I noticed on the Innovator edition, it looks more comfortable than the newer version. Personally I'd rather have a more comfortable one. Seems samsung had to cut some corners and well... So they got rid of the better padding and the strap that goes over the top. So, pretty much all the weight would get strapped and held on the bridge of your nose.

I'd like a little more input from what others think. But, for now I am think I am leaning towards the Innovator headset. If I wanted an uncomfortable headset, I'd just get some cardboard.