whats that way of showing fps in counter strike and something about making it run at 100 fps?


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Jan 6, 2002
sorry about my jarbled question. i havent played counter strike in along time, and my new computer will arrive tomorow, and i want to know how to show my fps in couterstrike without getting a big performance hit (i heard one console command does that)
also, isn't counter strike resticted to 100 fps or something, how can i make sure my computer performs it's best at that

(athlon xp 1900, 512mb ddr, radeon 8500, windows XP)

ps: and to enable the console i add "-console" with out the quotes to the target line right?


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Apr 19, 2000
yeah add -cosole to the target :)

in console type this:
fps_max 100

then to show the fps you have 2 options...
cl_showfps 1 will show FPS in top left corner and cl_showfps 0 will turn it off
net_graph 1, net_graph 2, net_graph 3 will all show FPS and some more info like internet speed spped in and out plus choke. I use net_graph 3 myself. net_graph 0 turns it off :)



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Jan 12, 2002
Yes, do all of that. Make sure you do fps_max 100. That is most important. Then the easiest is cl_showfps 1. If you have a problem enabling the console, go to cs's website, it's easy to find in their FAQ.