What's my best upgrade option?


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Jul 23, 2000
Right now my rig is a celeron 366@550 on a Soyo SY-6BA+III, with a Viper TNT 2 ultra and 128 megs of generic PC100.

After glancing around pricewatch I realized I've fallen quite a bit behind in terms of up to date hardware knowledge.. so I was wondering if you guys could help me out;) I'm not even sure what processor options my mobo supports.. remember I would really prefer to keep my PC100, as I'm sure a 128 stick of PC133 would cost an arm and a few legs. I know the TNT 2 is dated as well, and I'm guessing the geforce2 MX is the obvious upgrade choice?

Anyways lets say I had anywhere from $2-400 to play around with. What's my best choice for a new processor and vid card.. with value of extreme importance?

Thanks a ton in advance.


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Oct 16, 1999
The manual says you can do 6.5x100.. 650CPU ? It may have some issue with FC-PGAs as the latest bios fixes that.. I'm pretty sure this board can go up to 850 using 8.5x100 or so.. should be any 100FSB coppermine. Best bet.. P3-700 @ 7x100 FSB street price of around 200.. or oem for 20 less..

If you like to OC
Try getting a 550E & oc the chip to 733 using 5.5x133 or the 700e and try for 933 using 7x133.

G2MX is decent card.. best bet 550E @ 150, 128MB @ 130 PC133, Video card for 135. = 415 + shipping.. but you probably get the 550 @ buy.com w/ 30 off