What you guys think of UT @ Austin?


May 11, 2001
Hey there, i'm a prospective student trying to gather some info. on UT. How's the computer program and why the hell is it part of the natural science college? I'd love to hear what you have to say. Thanks!


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Sep 29, 2000
I've been told that the CS program is pretty good, but we all know that the engineering here is better. :D Let me get MasterHoss in here, he'll tell you what he thinks of the CS program.


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Apr 25, 2001
Hmm, although the A&M program is respectable, it lacks the corporate backing that UT enjoys. (Why the hell do so many UT students and A&M students argue over which school is better? What is this argument based off? Opinion or facts? Depending on specific programs either school has their +'s and -'s (ie: UT Physics program very hard but SUCKS!!) Furthermore, if you base this question off of decorated professors, it's UT. Most of the engineering and technical programs at UT are better. Also note that I'm not pulling this out my ass--check up on it--look at the publishing that "everyone" goes off of. Also, I hope people in Texas know that these to schools aren't even close to the "best." That would have to go to Rice and Trinity).

OK, now--GoWaldo. Do you really like programming? Are you going to be a freshman next year? Here's the bad part about going to a school with 50,000+ students, too competitive. This means that even if you were #1 in your HS with a perfect SAT score, too bad--you can't get into the CS program. You have to go PreCS now. The CS program itself is very well known and since UT is so damn big, you get Intel, Tivoli, MS, AMD, Motorola, et. al. coming down here all the time--too often actually. So, you'll have to judge for yourself if you like to program--also, unless you can find an excellent cheap system, prepare to spend long days and nights typing away--endlessly, with no end in sight.

Frankly, I hate to program--in it for the $$.

To give you some key things to think about....
1.) 50,000+ and growing--CS program got too competitive...no more students allowed in until they prove themselves "worthy"
(PreCS program--I think you have to make a 3.0 GPA in the weed-out courses).
2.) Are you really ready to program?
3.) BIG PLUS: (which you and I missed)...the I know of at least 2 of the key "fathers of Computer Science" who just retired
after teaching here. DAMN--too bad for us!! <--evidence that the CS program here is note-worthy.
4.) Don't think about 4 year graduation unless you're that good or stay really, really, really devoted.
5.) Don't screw around--if you want to do it...(this is the whole mother speach--but you better take heed to it).

Good luck. E-mail or PM me if you have any questions.


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Apr 3, 2001
Bleah, don't go CS. you have to take Pre-CS crappy courses. Go for Electrical and Computer Engineering.

that's real computer stuff. no pansy java and Scheme. Hardcore assembly, OS design, and other fun stuff.

plus EE's don't need language credit, don't need to take statics, don't need to take a bunch of other general weed out classes. HOWEVER and this is important. EE has a whole CRAPLOAD of its OWN weedout classes that will bust your balls.

4 years is doable IF you a] are an insanely awesome virtuoso at all technical subjects and can hack 18 hour semesters

or b] you have a ton of AP credits.

I'd go for B. get rid of english, history, fine arts, etc etc

then you MAY graduate on time

good luck, and don't goto A&amp;M. it's boring over there :)



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Jul 23, 2000
I think the Undertaker will take Steve Austing out..... hey wait a minute what the heck are you talking about.



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Oct 23, 2000
Considering that I bleed Sooner Red I don't think too much of UT. Other than that, I've heard that it is a very good school.