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Question What would you recommend for someone wanting a quiet external array connected to a PC (windows)?


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Nov 19, 2009

I've built several PCs with internal arrays using LSI and Adaptec controllers. I'm looking to get something that holds about 24 drives that can support multiple arrays. The biggest internal I've ever done was 16 drives. I'd like something that is quiet. Most storage units I've had required very loud fans. With the cases I've done in the past I've been able to make them nearly silent with noctua fans but still be well cooled. If you have an thoughts I'd appreciate this as I don't even know where to begin.


Jun 30, 2004
Thanks - I'll look that up.
I have a home server which sits in a well-ventilated room upstairs. It has four 3TB drives in a drive pool. Attention was given to ventilation and noise. I wouldn't know with precision what challenges you face with the number of drives in your project.

But I would do what I normally do. Totally isolate the drives from case-metal with rubber. Totally isolate fans from case-metal with rubber.

I don't think noise is a big priority with commercial servers and their arrays. Cooling is a priority. So you often see certain models of cooling fans for use in servers which push a lot of air and create a lot of noise.