What would you change in Gran Turismo 3 (PS2) and what do you expect from GT4?


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Dec 4, 2000
I find this game to be the best racing sim ever.
Personally I'd change the

a) the AI...the computer opponents are so bot-like, they can't suprise you

b) In car camera, behind the wheel is a must! They did a great oversight not putting one into the game

c) demages, they game would be great with demage engine...but I know licencers don't allow it :|


And for the other part of the question, do you think graphics wise GT3 could get any better? Do you think we will see graphic improvements in the sequel?... Because I have no use from online play so I expect different things from GT4 than online play only.


When is GT4 comming out?

Thanks for your answers


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Oct 11, 1999
How about a high quality, metal, force feedback steering setup with a clutch and stick? If people would pay $200 for Steel Battalion, then I'm sure they could swing it with GT4.


Feb 26, 2001
The roads could look better by todays graphic standards, although I think it's just the PS2 hardware being a limiting factor. The backrounds are horrible(PS2 hardware again, accept for the sun, boy dose that look sweet). Big thumbs up to the better AI, I think the AI is pretty odd myself. Damage would kinna suck considering the AI in the game runs into you all the time and dose NOTHING to avoid collision.