What would cause this currupt display?


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Mar 7, 2001
I was trying to test my system stability running prime95 with a very high overclock and voltage. It failed after 2 hours and I rebooted and then the bootscreen is all currupted with vertical lines of blue evenly spaced out on the display. Once it gets into windows xp, it seems fine but the icons and buttons have slight missing pieces to them and when I play a movie, there are the same vertical lines again.

Any game I play the mouse pointer is horribly distorted and the screen has those vertical lines. All this after I cranked my cpu up to 2133 mhz @2.00vcore and running prim95 for 2 hours.

Seems like a vidcard problem, but happened after a failed prim95 test. I reflashed my card to a lower clock speed and the same thing. I reflashed my MB to different bios and same thing. The only thing I can think of is my CPU. But if the CPU is damaged, how am I even able to boot up?

Please help me!! Is my
1. CPU damaged? XP1700+ Tbred "A"
2. MB damageed? Epox 8k3a
3. Vid Card damaged? Radeon8500 64mb
4. Other suggestions.

Thanks for the help.

EDIT: After playing some games, looks like the distortion would be cause by too fast video memory speed. I slowed the speed down to default then all the way to the lowerest setting and I still get the same distortion.


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Jan 8, 2001
When you said flashed your card, did you mean the video card? I read of people with 8500 cards that were overclocking and fried the card with the same results you have. Try a different video card and see if that straightens things out. Could also be a corrupted file in your system but try the card first (easier to do then tracking down a corrupted file).


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Oct 10, 1999
have you tried resetting your default display in windows safe mode? Sometimes when your card poops out after a stress test the computers display setup can give you problems, and can easily be remedied by booting into safe mode and resetting to the default 640X480 setting so that when you boot into windows normally it will allow you to see everything and reset it to what you had originally.

Try that an see if it works.


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Oct 16, 1999
I woudl say video ram is too fast but it seems you already put it back to default. Dunno then.