What would be faster - 1 X 30GB 75GXP, or 2 X 15GB 75GXP's on a FastTrak?

Fun Guy

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Oct 25, 1999
And I'm not talking about sequential transfers rates like for video editing (I know the RAID array would rule here). My question pertains more to:

(1) Loading up applications from scratch
(2) Opening large files

In other words, I know there is an extra layer of stuff to slog through with the FastTrak (i.e. the software layer controlling the RAID array) but are these delays overcome by the actual speed of the array itself?

Also, does anyone have any experience (or know of anyone or a site) running a single drive and then turning around and hooking up a RAID array immediately thereafter, taking measurements both ways?


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Mar 9, 2000
It is very likely that you're not going to see significant gain in speed to to tempt faith, because 2 hdds for raid 0 will double the chance of data lost.

I would put the money on extra rams and leave the system & apps on at all time. (For the price of one 15gigs hdd you might be able to get 1~2 sticks of 128 SDRAM)