What water cooling setup would you build ?


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Apr 24, 2004
I don't have water cooling at all to start with. But I'm thinking of putting together a water cooling setup for the vid card ( maybe add a CPU water cooler later as well ).

Can those of you that know this stuff recommend a setup for me ? I'd like to buy all the parts from one dealer if possible. Can somebody copy n paste what I would need to do this from a retailer online you trust ?



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Aug 21, 2004
My personal experience is most preassembled water cooling kits or packages are not that great.

Most kits that fit in a case have fans and dont really keep anything cooler than a good air setup or much quieter either as they dont have enough coolant etc. I use only the best water blocks,tubing, pumps. All in a design that eliminates components from your pc case(no more crowding and worries about the resevoir right in your case) itself and moves it to a nice unit that functions as a stand. While providing visual appeal it also is very quiet!

I can personally build u a rig which will not only cool your pc but turn heads as well..I hand lap each component both surfaces, custom dye, extra tubing drain plug and thermal/ flow monitor included, not to mention detailed instructions on care and use of your system, limited support via email/telephone.

Each unit is custom built to your specs :)

Are you interested in starting from scratch or modding your current setup?

Her is a pic in high res of my current rig. Keep in mind this takes a lot of work !Water cooled beast!

This comp uses a p42.8e 1mb cache.. most with stock air talk about temps in the 50 celcius range for this chip..

This rig keeps it at 19 degrees celcius, 5 degrees at fresh boot! AND its OC'd to 3.6 GHZ!!!

I have run it at 3.9 stable only the cpu holds this rig bak as it has pc4200.

I can only help out if your located in the greater 48 !


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Dec 28, 2002
Danger Den has:
6800 waterblock
12V pump
1/2" clearflex 60 tubing
heatercore (get double 120mm heatercore if you have room for it)
evercool 120mm fan(s)
shroud (for single heatercore. If you get the double make a shroud).

Then get some antifreeze (use 10% antifreeze and 90% distilled water) and steel hose clamps (the kind you tighten with a screwdriver) at a local hardware store.


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Jun 17, 2002
I have a Koolance Exos and love it. It was a snap to put in, and keeps the comp a few degrees above ambient (rememeber watercooling will never get your computer lower than your room ambient temperature). The cooler is super quiet and adjust fan speed depending on cpu temperature, which is a nice touch.