what was your impression of the different countries you have visited?


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Apr 26, 2002
If you have traveled to a different country, what was your impression of it? lifestyle? attitude of people? how was it, compared to america? what was different about it.

for me, I went to South Korea, and here are things I noticed, compare to my good ol oklahoma neighborhood.

-toilets w/ water squirting out to clean you, and a blow dryer to blow dry your fat a$$

-workers in korea tend to have more manners, great customer service for sure.

-no tipping in restaruents

-many people at night....great and amazing night life near the university

-food in the side of the street were great

-drivers were a bit rowdy

-arcades...jam packed every night....guys and girls

-it seems that a lot of stuff are provided to help students, i.e, if you go to the arcades near the school, the price per game is cheaper then somewhere else. same for food, and same for stores

-buses and subways, were too much for me...^^

-mp3 player around the neck.....no ipods

- flip phones, and slider phones

-when you think of Samsung and LG, you think of electronics, but they have Samsung apartments, and LG gas station!!

-great scenery

-hardboard floors, rather the carpet

-they have this amazing ice cream place, called RedMango. Seriously, nothing in the world can compare..........very very good!!!

your turn?


one more thing:

many restaurents you go to....if you buy a meal, it includes, drink, meal, and even desert!! and it's not even that expensive


Mar 14, 2003
in amsterdam, netherlands:

you can buy very good pot and very good hash in the coffeehouses all perfectly legally. you can also buy space cakes made with thc, but they are very powerful so you should only eat half a slice then wait 15 minutes before eating the second slice.

you can buy other types of hallucinogens likes shrooms and acid perfectly legally.

the days can last really long during the right season as it is close to the arctic circle.

you can get argentinian beef at the steakhouses.

there are public urinals out in the open - ie - right on the sidewalk and everyone can watch. they come in very handy when you're walking around and had lots of beer(or if you're shrooming since the psychoactive drug in them is also diuretic).

in the red light district the prostitutes stand behind the glass doors to their "apartments" so you can see what you're getting before you buy.

you can also see live sex shows which is actually quite the regular tourist attraction.

they sell paper cones filled with french fries with the topping of your choice.

they have these weird stores called "febo" made up entirely of walls of vending machine-like cubbies.


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Mar 26, 2003
Japan - very formal and uptight
China - Dirty but friendly "scary unorgnizedgoverment"
Korea - isolated
Ireland - Awesome - friendly - fun

thats all for now