What video card would be best for this setup?


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Jul 23, 2005
I have a client who has a custom built system. The CPU is in a desktop (not a tower), but it has a motherboard that is made for a tower. So, he needs a video card whose height can not exceed 2.75". He said he needs a "low profile" card.

The reason why he needs it is that it is hooked up to a 60" NEC plasma TV, and it is not clear enough for him. Also, the computer screen does not take up the whole plasma screen.

I hooked up my Toshiba laptop to it, and it did take up the whole screen initially, but when it went to screensaver for a few minutes, when I woke it up, it changed the resolution so that it was in 4:3 instead of 16:9, and I could not get it back to widescreen. Any ideas why/how this happened, and how to fix it?

Below are the specs for his computer:

Mobo: Intel DG965WH
PCIe X16
Plasma TV: PX-60XM5A (native resolution is 1365 X 768; 16:9)

He said he wants an NVidia card.

What do you suggest?