What utility to "justify" RMA-ing a Western Digital SCSI drive?

Kwad Guy

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Dec 1, 1999
I have a couple of Western Digital SCSI drives that
appear to be defective out of the box (one gives
bad block messages when doing a low level format
using the SCSI card built in utility, the other
IDs itself times out without ever becomming "ready").

When I've had bad WD IDE drives, I've used their DOS
programs to test the drives and provide a basis for the
RMA (it generates a form that can be submitted with the

But WD doesn't provide DOS based SCSI drive utilities.
THey do provide a Windows-based utility for SCSI drives.
I haven't yet downloaded/run it yet...Anyone know if this
SCSI program test the drive and generate an RMA form?

(This would be for the bad blocks drive; the drive that
won't become "ready" obviously isn't going to be testable).

Or do I just send the drives with my own assertions about
their problems and WD accepts my claim?




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Oct 9, 1999
If the drive is untestable, they will accept a RMA on it. I had a 18 gig and the thing would not power up. So there was no way to test it. They replaced it with a 20 gig. quick turn around too.