What to update to M.2 NvMe SSD!


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Dec 14, 2012
Have a Lenovo ThinkStation P300 SFF and Lenovo technical support say that they do not have support for NvMe on their bios and do not plan on updating for this function. Can I buy a Samsung Evo 960 NvMe and a NvMe PCe Adapter and have it be bootable in Windows 10? The adapter is the one shown below

NVME PCIe Adapter, M.2 NVME SSD to PCI Express Adapter

Here is the Samsung 960 Evo shown below:

Samsung NvMe 960 Evo 500GB

One of the Lenovo users claim that he was able to boot off of the NvMe SSD without Lenovo Bios support:
It on the first page in the middle of the thread:


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IT WORKS!!!! (Sorry for the all caps, but I'm so excited.)

I installed the 950 pro in a pcie adapter, put it in the P300, installed the Samsung NVMe driver, initialized and formatted the disk (in GPT, the same as my previous C drive), and then downloaded samsung data migration. I migrated my previous C drive to the new 950 pro, then shutdown my computer. I detached the old C drive, rebooted and went into bios (F1) and I put the 950 pro (under "other devices") as #1 in boot order.*

It boots into windows 10 beautifully, as if it was made to do so; no hiccups, it simply works perfectly.

Although NVMe drives are not officially supported on the P300, Samsung somehow got it to work. I strongly suspect it has to do with the Samsung 950 pro option ROM, which resides in the SSD and not on the computer, which helps the booting.

*Just make sure under "other devices" the 950 pro is the only drive listed. I have an esata data drive connected to my computer and the 950 pro as well as my data drive show up under "other devices"; during boot my computer complains no operating system is found. However, if I turn off my esata drive before booting, the p300 boots perfectly. I just have to turn on my esata after I'm in windows."

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