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How To 

What to do When your Battery Drains Faster in iOS 12

Every time your battery starts draining fast, you cannot blame a bug. Sometimes, it could be your device mismanagement that might be causing battery drainage. The common causes of battery draining faster are heavy use of apps and many background apps running simultaneously.
Improving battery life is not difficult. We will take you through it step by step:

Step 1
Check which App Consumes the Most Battery

Let us first check which app is taking a toll on the battery before getting into troubleshooting mode. Launch ‘Settings’click on ‘Battery’. This will give you the entire history of app usage since the last charge.

Step 2
Force Close iPhone Apps

On the home screen, swipe up from the screen, bottom to the middle. This will show a carousel of apps open on your phone.

Step 3
Tap and Hold the 'App'

A red minus sign appears on the apps on the top left corner. Tap the red minus button and the app will be forced to close. Follow the same procedure for all the apps open on the phone.

Step 4
‘Turn OFF Some Background Apps’

Background apps consume a lot of computing memory without our knowledge which can exhaust battery quickly. By stopping a few such background apps, the phone can function better, and the battery runs longer.

Click on ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Background App Refresh’ and turn off unwanted background apps or all the apps. This will help to save the battery.

Hopefully, these tricks will help your iPhone battery last longer.
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