What to buy? 2x252 or 2x270 Opteron


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Apr 21, 2006
Hi all!

I hope to draw upon some of the expertice in here, to help me decide what processors
to go for.

I've narrowed it down to either 2x model 252 (2.6 GHz single core) or 2x model 270 (2.0 GHz dual core).

They cost exactly the same - the question is: Where do I get the most bang for the buck?

I do mostly programming (c++, delphi) and databases (Oracle). Some gaming - not much.

I've looked around for infomation on overclocking of the model 270, but hasn't had much luck.

If the 270 can overclock to - let's say 2.4 GHz (watercooled system) the choice get's easier - go
for the 4 cores.

Well any and all comments, suggestions are welcome :)



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May 16, 2002
There are very few OC'ing motherboards for dual-cpu's. Duvie found one. If he is sucsessful, I may try. Ohterwise I will wait and get dual 285's.