What Ti4200 overclocks the best?

Piano Man

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Feb 5, 2000
The Gainward 64MB with 3.3ns is a great overclocker. I've heard of 128MB versions of SUMA and ASUS cards having 3.3ns, but I can't find them on sale anywhere.


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Oct 10, 1999
It's a gamble no matter which one you get....If you want a guarantee get the gainward golden sample :)

Just for the record my eVga Ti4200 128mb will do 300 core\560 mem without a problem....I never tried any higher and don't run it that high tho....But when the time comes and I need the xtra power it's there :)


Aug 12, 2002
Originally posted by: Piano Man
The Gainward 64MB with 3.3ns is a great overclocker. I've heard of 128MB versions of SUMA and ASUS cards having 3.3ns, but I can't find them on sale anywhere.
Try looking for teh MSI 64 mb one. It is 3.6ns % has hynix chips.


Jul 3, 2002
Get the cheapest one you can and try your luck, I think most of the 4200's run within 3% on the memory speed. Gainward makes a nice card but I have had two of there fans die on me and in turn killed the GPU. I don't use Gainward anymore. I prefer MSI now.


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Mar 5, 2002
Hello all....

A good bet would be the Abit Siluro GF4 Ti 4200 64meg, Most of these cards hit 300/600 right out of the box!
I got one yesterday and used Ray Adam's Bios Editor to o/c mine to 300/600 and all is fine... Very fast card!

My Machine:

P4 Northwood 1.6@2.3
Gf4 Ti 4200
256 megs DDR
Asus P4s333 mobo
Sound Blster Extigy

3dmark Score = 10688 @1024x768x32
GL excess Score = 6847 @1024x768x32
Glmark FPS: Average 101 - Max 199 - Min 60 @1024x768x32

As long as you don't play games higher than 1024x768 then 64 megs is perfect, However if you play games in higher than this go for the 128meg cards. But keep in ming the 128 meg cards use slower mem chips!

I hope this helps you...

btw: I got my GF4 Abit Siluro from www.newegg.com for $141.00


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Nov 14, 2000
i have also been searching for a Ti4200. although OCing is not the #1 factor in choosing a video card, it would be nice to know my card is OC capable. i am more interested in quality and reliability. i have done some searching and come up with 9 different Ti4200's, each made by a different 3rd party board maker. i know a little about ASUS, MSI, and some other big names b/c they are prominent in the motherboard market. but i do not know if these same quality mobo manufacturers are as good with video cards. and i know nothing about the other board makers. i listed the 9 boards toward the bottom of a thread i have going, and compared them to each other by price and features/package. anyways, i dont want to do any extensive research on where i can find a board that uses 3ns RAM...i'm just looking for a qulaity board with the features i prefer. i don't want to change the topic of this thread in any way, so here's a link to mine:

time for a new video card...nVidia or ATI?

i know the title suggests something other than what i'm talking about above, but the part i need information on strictly refers to the Ti4200. you'll see it all at the bottom of the thread. anyways, i thought i'd look at this thread since milkman2 is also looking for a Ti4200. i figure that in the process of posting an answer to his question, not only will an OCable card get mentioned, but also one made by a quality manufacturer. its been about 24 hours since i posted that list of info in my thread and nobody has responded since then, so i really need advice. any would be appreciated...thanks, eric.

PS - good luck finding your card milkman2 :)