Question What quick benchmarks to run on a server with 128 threads? (Lose access to it in a few hours)


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Jul 27, 2020
It's an Ice Lake Xeon server with Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10 for Workstations 21H1 installed in KVM. KVM Geekbench multicore performance is around 14000, half of native multicore performance on Ubuntu (almost 30,000). What can I test on it that's easy to download and run and will utilize all 128 threads? I've less than 4 hours until I can no longer connect to it.
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Apr 15, 2012

Edit: You'll need to download Blender and then download a demo file and time the time to render. Classroom and Car (BMW) are popular ones to use.



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Jan 31, 2011
CPU Crysis?

Would be fun to compare it to some of the 64C threadripper results if nothing else.


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Jul 27, 2020
Thanks for the suggestions!

I couldn't run the Crysis benchmark on it (probably due to some compatibility issue) and gave up after 10 minutes. Didn't have time to waste for troubleshooting.

Used the following sheet to benchmark Excel:

Excel 2016 running via Crossover
32 threads 167.71s
64 threads 163.36s
128 threads 161.85s

Threads not much help here.

Excel 2019 running in Windows 10 21H1 via KVM
128 threads 116.59s
32 threads 118.78s
Multithreading off 115.61s

Guess this sheet doesn't really like multithreading. Still, this shows that Excel 2019 is much more optimized than its predecessor.

I have a custom Excel sheet with 187281 rows for which I calculate countifs(). Total time taken running this in Excel 2016 via Crossover:
64 threads 2:21.09
128 threads 2:34.70

Socket to socket communication slowed things down, probably. No point in showing the Excel 2019 inside KVM results. It was slower by over a minute.

Geekbench 5.4
Native on Ubuntu
Running inside KVM

Phoronix benchmarks: (Appreciate if someone can post a comparison link pitting this against an Epyc 3rd Gen single socket CPU)

Dolphin benchmark inside KVM Overall time 530s
(I used the one here:
Extract and click "Run Benchmark")

Blender inside KVM
BMW 1:49.54
Classroom 4:34.47
Barbershop interior 7:47.31

Wow. Had no idea it still takes 128 threads this much time to render a single frame! Sadly, found out after losing access to the server that Blender also runs in Linux. That would have been faster than KVM's emulation. Not sure by how much though.
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