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What pro bowler has picked up a 7-10?

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Apr 29, 2003
Originally posted by: dmcowen674
Originally posted by: dxkj
Those are all luck and suck.

My best attempt I threw the ball right down the right hand side, and it rode the edge. Right at the last second it fell off so it just hit the side of the pin, kicked it STRAIGHt across, no bouncing into the back and coming up again.. Hit the other pin and wobbled it.

Those videos just show guys trying to get 1 pin only, and getting lucky.
Exactly, it's not the real way of going for it.
They weren't just trying to get 1 pin. The announcer said before the one guy's attempt that the way to pick up a 7-10 split is to throw as hard as you can to get a good bounce. Of course luck takes over then, but I think you'd have to be MORE lucky to pick it up the "real" way because the pins are too close to the edge of the lane to make the angle.