What Nvidia Driver is this?


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Nov 18, 1999
I believe the Quadro 4500 series cards are the business version of the 7XXX series cards from a few years back...

We've been having slow performance on the 2 year old drivers but an IT guy recently popped in a new driver when he fixed one of the CAD machines. After checkig the version in the driver tab (right click desktop--> settings---> advanced, etc), I'm wondering what the driver is because it is numbered strangely. Does anyone recognze:

Date of driver is 5/26/2008

Driver number is:

I was expecting something like 169.96 Looks like that is the latest driver for my Quadro card - - strange how nvidia codes it above. I guess the last 5 digits are what matter? What are the first digits for?


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Aug 17, 2006
This is probably the driver he installed. http://www.drivershq.com/Drive.../18691/36/Drivers.aspx

Ya the 6.4 is kinda confusing but I have never seen it say something.something as the driver (in the nvidia control panel yes, but not under the device manager). Its always been something.something.something.something in the device manager.

Regardless it appears to be the right driver and you probably have nothing to worry about.