What monitor should I upgrade to??


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Dec 30, 2015
Currently i have a dual display set up which is just 2 19" HD Ready TV's. I want to replace them with two of the same gaming monitors. I am currently considering this monitor:


I will be using one for my xbox one s and the other for my PC which has an r9 280x (which ill be upgrading) please let me know is this a good choice monitor and is there any other that you would recommend for around the same price.

Thank you

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Aug 26, 2014
Can you please answer a few questions to help us give proper advice thanks.

A) What size monitor are you looking for? Your TVs are 19", you say you want "the same," yet the linked monitor is 22". Generally, good monitors below 24" are hard to find. But there are some ok ones, at least.
B) What's your budget? Total and per monitor.
C) Why specifically two monitors? Most have multiple inputs, allowing you to connect cloth PC and Xbox and switch between them. This would allow you to have a single, larger, better monitor. Or do you often use both at once?
D) Are you interested in any specific features? High refresh rate for your PC (90/120/144 etc Hz)? Some sort of variable refresh rate tech (Freesync, if you plan on staying with AMD for your GPU)?
E) Do you care about color accuracy or vibrancy? Do you mind the dull color on cheapo TN panel monitors? Do you edit photos or videos?
F) Do you extend your PC desktop to both displays when the Xbox isn't in use?
G) (if you use them both at the same time,) would you consider getting a good, large "main" monitor and a smaller secondary one for "simultaneous" use?


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Dec 30, 2015
A) The size I am looking for is from 21.5" to 24".

B) My total budget is 300 EUROS, 150 each.

C) I do often use both at the same time so two monitors yes.

D) I would like a refresh rate of at least 60hHz, a response time of at least 5ms, Freesync or Gsync isn't necessary.

E) I am not too bothered about insane color accuracy but i would like it to be better than an average TN panel, I would like the games on my PC and Xbox One S to look as good as they can.

F) No

G) No because I use them both equally and the way my setup is I quite like it to have two similar sized monitors side by side.