What killed my SSDs?


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May 14, 2011
A relative's old old PC die he is older and don't do much so I picked up a Dell T1600 workstation(2nd gen i3, 6gb, quadro 2000) from work along with a few Dell Ent svr 100gb SSD for cheap. I moved the 1TB storage drive from the old PC to the new one as D: install a Dell SSD as O/S drive for W10. Everything go smooth everyone happy. A month later the SSD missing from bios, I switched port and still no show. Fine I put an other Dell SSD in it and redo W10, all go fine. Packed it up and bring it back, no SSD found.

Am I having a serious bad luck with 2 dead SSD or the MB somehow killed the drive.

PS no issue with the 1TB.