What is this with the selling-off of our sacred music catalog?


Feb 1, 2008
I've noticed lately that companies that run TV ads promoting their products and services have started using some of the greatest and sacred music hits of all time within their ads. And that pisses me off. Apparently, it's all about the money and selling-off vs keeping the music protected and sacred. What really ticked me off was some cruise ship line running an TV ad promoting their cruise ship vacations while playing the sacred hit WHITE RABBIT from Jefferson Airplane in the background.
WHAT THE HELL does some lady on a cruise ship have to do with WHITE RABBIT or with JEFFERSON AIRPLANE or.... with the meaning of the hit WHITE RABBIT?
"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. And the ones that mother gave you don't do anything at all".
Pills, drugs, psychedelics drugs, hard drugs vs moms drugs, Jefferson Airplane, the Vietnam war era... and cruise ship vacations?
So, what are they saying in that ad?
Are they saying this cruise ship vacation will give out drugs, or will keep vacationers drugged up during the trip, or they will keep your kids drugged up so mom and dad can enjoy their trip uninterrupted by annoying children, or that a trip on a cruise ship is like tripping out on drugs, or the lady in their commercial is a druggie in need of a vacation, or just what are they trying to suggest with combining an ad for some cruise ship vacation and the hit WHITE RABBIT?

Obviously, whomever owned the rights to WHITE RABBIT have sold out for money.
Selling the rights to some bogus company showing no respect for the music.
And thus, we now must suffer thru this lame pointless cruise ship company raping one of the greatest and sacred American hits of all time.
And not only with WHITE RABBIT, but I've noticed this disturbing trend exploding with hit after hit and with ad after ad where the music in the ad and the subject of the ad have absolutely no connection what-so-ever. No connection other than some lame company molesting yet another sacred American musical hit for profit.

NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!!
I do not want to watch some stupid kid in some commercial stuffing hand fulls of M&M's in the mouth while the music WHITE ROOM from CREAM plays in the background.
DID you ever think you'd live to see this outrage?
Have they no shame?
I don't know.... but if I were Paul McCarthy or Mick Jagger my stomach would turn if I heard one of my hits playing during some TV commercial for Viagra or Tampons or for toenail fungus medicine.

Oh... by the way..... only read this post while playing the hit TURN TURN TURN from the BYRDS in the background.
I now own the rights. ;)
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Jun 2, 2002
1. Maybe they couldn't find a song with "norovirus" in it.

2. Your last sentence should of been the first.

3. Whoever owns the rights to the song can do whatever they want with it. Sucks that alot of times the original artist doesn't own the rights.