what is the worst


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May 29, 2007
My nasty rat snake who would rather bite me than eat his rat is the worst.

And I talk so sweet to him too, then CHOMP!

BTW, I found him one night curled up and starving in the corner next to my PC.

Well, my cats found him first.

Maybe that is why he is so nasty. He thinks I am going to eat him or something.

I first thought he might be a poisonous snake, so I picked him up with salad tongs.

But I did not toss him or anything.

The thing is, I can not imagine him growing to be 6 or 8 feet long and this ill tempered. He is only about a foot long now.

Maybe I need a topic called "Name the nasty rat snake".

Now you know he is the worst. So you can rest easy.

Unless you find some other rat snake next to your PC, like I did. Just hope it is not a 8 footer.

That would REALLY be the worst. Trying to get your leg or lower torso out of its mouth might prove a challenge since they are a constrictor variety.

Well, actually, the ABSOLUTE WORST would be shooting it and missing and hitting a 5 year old in the head and killing him. And that really happened.

I tried to post my condolences in that thread and it got some weird error message. I can not believe that cop shot a snake like that in an area with people around, when he could have simply tasered it or hit it with a shovel or something if he thought it was that much of a threat. That was unbelievable and unforgivable that happened. That is without a doubt the worst.