Question What is the source of text smearing during scroll?


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Mar 25, 2020
Dear friends, as you know MacBook Pro 16 has a very bad choice 60hz display and very very bad pixel response time so ghosting smearing is one of its major defects. At this point i have tried oled İphone 11 pro and oled Samsung s10+ and they have text smearing during scroll as well. Only s20+ Was perfect in 120hz setting. I did not have chance to try scrolling a web page or World document on a 72, 90, 120 or 144 hz monitor to detect text smearing? Why MacBook Pro 16 have terrible text smearing and how can this be get fixed? If it is about pixel response time so why oled phones have same issue?

can anyone make a try and video Record during scrolling same page on both mbp 16 inches and 120 or 144 hz gaming monitor?

I really do not understand why Apple insists on antique 60 hz mode on its premium products....


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Aug 11, 2001
Because most people don't seem to be as picky about it as you are, feel that 60Hz is fine for non-gaming activities. Plus, on some portable devices, upping to 120Hz is known to cause reduced battery life and more heat. Then there's the issue you already mentioned on a different post, that it is a trade-off to get a panel with better color accuracy.

There are other brands besides Apple. I'm certain of it.