Question What is the ideal low-cost GPU for i3-10100 and 250W PSU


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Apr 7, 2022
Hello, I am a budget user. Recently I purchased a PC which has i3-10100 8GB RAM 250W PSU H510M-H Motherboard and 256 GB SSD for 300$. I am planning to play Valorant, HOI4 and maybe The Forest at low settings. Since 1 dollar is equivalent of 14 Turkish Liras small changes in prices can make big changes. For example GT 1030 GDDR5 version is 1800 Turkish Liras but 1050ti is 3700 liras. So I purchased this PC for 5200 TL(300USD) and as you can see I don't have much money or much expectations. What you can recommend me for this PC to handle these games. I'm running on single channel ram. So iGPU performance is low. Does it make more sense to use iGPU and double channel ram to boost iGPU performance? What you recommend?


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Nov 16, 2006
I guess we should back into this question in the opposite direction as I suppose most of us here aren't familiar with the Turkish GPU market: Give us 2-3 different GPUs that you're looking at purchasing that are within your budget and we can provide some more targeted advice from there.

Also, your 250W PSU is pretty thin. Does it provide any sort of PCI-E 6/8 pin power connectors?


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Mar 21, 2022
Dual channel mainly helps with frame drops, so you should get much more stable performance with dual channel. The iGPU also uses system ram, so 16GB is better.

Given your questions, you don't seem to have the system yet, so you might want to test out how well it does before spending.

The games you name should all run on the iGPU, although The Forest will look very bad. But given the excessive GPU prices, I would stick with the iGPU for now and look for older games that don't require that much or indie games. Then once the GPU prices normalize, you can look for a 2nd hand GPU. Although as Godisan notes, you might also have to upgrade your PSU to install one, since 250W is very low.