WHat is safest way for Both seller and buyer?


Jun 14, 2003
Hi people.
I am planning to buy GFX card from a person from here. Not one of them is T-man with enough good heatware to trust him. I looked up the threads which he has and he sounds like genuine seller so I dont mind paying first to guys like him.
NOw I need 2 GFX cards and othe rperson who has 9800 pro is AddictedGamer. He has only 1 heat and dosent look like regular visiter here.
Now I an reluctant to pay first in such conditions. Soecially when I am not in USA and from different country and if something happens its more likely I will be helpless.
In such conditions what is the best solution?
I asked this to some other peoples here and they said in cases like these Escrow is good option.
Is escrow good? I have International CC so paying online is not problem for me.
Please, I need some advice on this ASAP.
Thanks in advance.