What is an option vs. Cable Company cable box / DVR?


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Dec 12, 2000
We sold our home, canceled cable and hope to just get local channels or just basic cable (so my wife can watch her shows)...

We previously had a DVR which she consumed all with stupid crap...

I was hoping that during our temp housing that I could just get away with our HDTV and tuner but she wants to be able to 'dvr' the shows...

I don't know of any way outside of having the cable box with a DVR to meet that need...and a HTPC isn't an option here because she would be using it and hates anything computers...

Does anyone know of a third party that could be used for such a chore?




Feb 22, 2007
HTPC can be daunting for some people to use but have you shown her windows media center ?
Its interface is easier to use than most cable DVR and does great at recording and watching tv. Press button on remote and it starts and there is nothing quirky to understand, pretty basic which is why many htpc enthusiasts don't like it. They like something they can have more control over.

Hide the pc and give here a mce remote and I bet she wouldn't know it was a pc.