Question What hijacked my Edge browser with "Managed by your organization"?


Sep 25, 2001
I'm using Win7 on my home desktop and doing my taxes in HR Block software.
I'm trying to import tax files from my brokerage but when i click to sign in to that brokerage, it opens IE 11.

Last year, anything that opened IE got redirected to Edge.
A few weeks ago, that stopped but i didn't care enough to investigate.

Well, today i did care because I dont want to type in passwords to my brokerage acct in IE 11.

I noticed the 'Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge' setting was locked to NEVER and said it's because it was 'managed by your organization.' :eek:
I couldnt change it to ALWAYS.


Something similar to the pic above but Edge instead of Chrome.

Found the fix in google, which was easy.
But how did my browser get hijacked?

My anti-virus is Win 7's Microsoft Security Essentials. It didn't notice anything.
I then ran Malwarebytes, which also said it found nothing.

What else should I be concerned about in my computer?


May 19, 2011
It's not necessarily a hijack per se (assuming you mean 'with malicious intent'). Browser extensions sometimes do this for example, so I'd check to see what's installed there.

IIRC this setting depends on a registry setting which I believe is HKCU (and/or HKLM) > Software > Policies > Google? If that key exists (and therefore likely subkeys too), I'd export the key structure to a file (File > Export) then just nuke the 'Google' key from there because it's not needed in a plain install of Chrome.

The reason for that location for such policies is so it can be controlled by Windows Group policy (ie. corporate network control territory).