Question What happened to this thumbdrive?


Junior Member
Mar 13, 2019
I recently dug up an old thumbdrive from maybe a couple years back. I plugged it in to my computer, and almost all the files are entirely messed up. They have weird messed up names, that look like they were once something straight forward but got corrupted? There is something called a DOA File, but I don't remember putting anything on this but Microsoft Word documents and picture files. The whole thing looks like something from a cheesy Dark Web youtube video. My friend thinks that it either has a virus or got damaged. The cute thingy that the thumbdrive is in (one of those little animals to make it look fun) does have a habit of opening up wrong and temporarily exposing the back of the thumbdrive. My computer says that the thumbdrive needs to be repaired, but when i tried to it said repair failed, try again. I am the only one who has ever used this, to my knowledge, and I don't go dancing onto sketchy sites. Should I be concerned?