What Ge Force overclock utilities do you use?


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Oct 9, 1999
Just picked up a CL GF2, not to thrilled about the picture, looks a little fuzzy, but it is faster then my "old" V3 2000. Do you use the default Display Director with its built in OCing or are there better utilities out there?
Thanks in advance.


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Jun 25, 2000
I use the Hardware Options tab in the reference drivers. I don't know what you mean by the picture being fuzzy. GF2's 2D and 3D is about as good as you can get, with the possible exception of a Matrox G400.


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Apr 13, 2000
I use the reference 5.22 detonator drivers with my creative geforce 2. Its way faster than my old TNT..... im a Nvidia man!

I use the reg hack to open up the "hardware options" to overclock it. Im at 220/375 right now.......i could go higher and have been to 245/390 with no problems.......but this card is fast enough at stock.....my P3 550mhz katmai is slowing this baby down right now!..gotta love that!

Thats ok....soon ill be building a monster machine!

Ohyea......about the fuzziness. Mine is alittle fuzzy as well but im using a loop cable for my Dxr3 decoder card. I run my desktop at 1024x768...is pretty good.....I wouldnt trade it for anything!
I play my Q3 and Unreal tourney @ 1024x768 also......no slowdown whatsoever......and i have all the toys turned up!

Big Lar

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Oct 16, 1999
I expereince No Blurryness, and I am looping thru my Hollywood plus decoder.... I had the g400 max prior to this asus v7700, and I beleive the 2d to be the same with both cards/ I can't tell the difference. I also use Powerstrip to OC with the Nvidia 5.30 drivers :)