Discussion What does Texas gain from gerrymandering election precincts?

Amol S.

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Mar 14, 2015
Apparently in this in depth map of 2020 election results from New York Times, election precincts can easily be seen to be gerrymandered, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area. This however poses a question, why in the world would they gerrymander election precinct, it's not as if the election precincts exactly match the boundaries of some district or something where someone gets elected.

One can easily see it in the southern borders of both Tarrant and Dallas County, of how quickly it just shifts from dark blue to light red, without even turning a lighter shade of blue most of the time at the county border line. Only a select few places does there seem to be a tapering of from district to district of Democrat victory margin around the southern county border. Therefore, one can even make out the county border line of Dallas County from this map.



Aug 5, 2000
Well, if you take what the Repubs are attempting to pull off in the way we Americans elect our leaders to its logical conclusion, the only people who will be eligible to vote at the federal level after all of the disqualifying is done, will be a few million white supremacist racists scattered throughout the nation. All others need not register.......ever again.
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