What do you think about modular and manafactured homes?


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Apr 13, 2000
I've been looking lately at modular homes and so far they seem like a pretty good deal. I've seen 3 and 4 bedroom models that cost anywhere from 40K to 90K in nice suburban neighborhoods or either gated type communities. (I have'nt seen any in the city as of yet)

Does anyone out there know someone who owns one? Are there horror stories that you've heard about these type of homes?



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Jan 10, 2000
although no one comes to mind that lives in one of these homes, im sure the there will be tons of neighborhoods where these homes are used, why dont you just go to someones house and ask them nicely if they would like to share their experiences living there.

like how long have you been living here?
any strange things?
any complaints?

etc etc

good luck



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Oct 15, 1999
Quality should be top notch as well as the building of a home is not delayed by weather or anything. Also, you do not have to worry about delays by vandalism and such. And as for pests, they would not be a problem.

Only problem with modular/manufactured homes is that they are limited in unique floor plans or designs since all of those type of houses follow a standard layout and manufacturing process.

(the stuff you learn in a Housing class...)
Oct 14, 1999
it's cheap, it's quick and efficient (usually already made) and they can be really well designed too. i watch this old house, steve went to sometwhere in europe where they did this. the process was very professional, and the result was good.

it makes habitat for humanity more proficient in providing homes for the needy.

but for people like me, who wants something MORE, it's not that good. it's not like i can afford the type of home i want, but the designs i have seen are not for me.

depending on what you mean specifically, the uniqueness is not as limited as imaginer mentioned. you can either get a house in sections to be put together, or the walls are premade, and you can arrange the walls anyway you want. the latter is much more versatile, and more expensive. most factories will do custom pieces, for more money of course.
Oct 9, 1999
My mother has lived in one for about 20 years. My sister has had one for 25 years, but recently sold it. Her new home is a manufactured home. No real problems to speak of. The thing to watch out for is the level of quality in the flooring (carpet, vinyl, etc.) along with the quality of the fixtures. My mother accepted some cheaper items which didn't last very long (i.e. faucets that were dripping after a year, etc.). However, she replaced some of those things and everything is fine.

Man, I wish I'd live where the housing was $40K to $90K. Unfortunately, the D.C. area is pricey and the condos start in the $90K range -- provided you're willing to live out the 'burbs.
Oct 11, 1999
My parents have lived in one for 4 years or so. It's been ok, so far.

They had troubles with the finish carpentry, but that's just a local problem, I hope. :)

They are not bad. My parents kindof miss having a basement.

The biggest problem they have is with city zoning (they were the first to build one in the city) and with loans. The appraisers for home loans don't have anything to compare it to for values....

So far the appliances have lasted. The faucets are pretty chinzy.