Question What did I miss? Friends Arcade Emulator Build


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May 1, 2003
Hey everyone, your feedback is very welcome. I think I did OK but if there are any big issues I missed, I'd love to hear it.

What: Reasonably SFF build, so I suggested minimum of mATX for cost and GPU adding in the future. He agreed. Not a portly mATX case though.
Why: Emulating Arcade "Classics" up through perhaps Dolphin WiiU titles. But emphasis on classics of us borderline X'ers/Millenials - Simpson, TMNT, Xmen, etc.
Where: USA - Amazon, for his preference.
When: Right now. Wife gave him permission to start the build but the cabinets are backordered so PC it is!
Budget: Sorta whatever, but not insane. "Nice, quiet and nothing to regret". Also, he's not interested in buying a GPU for megabucks without concluding that the APU graphics are insufficient with his own testing. Monitor will be a 32" of some flavor, probably TV but maybe monitor. TBD but 1080p is the target for now.


Case is missing from PC part picker and he wasn't too picky about it, we've used it for one of our work builds and it was fine. It's a Thermaltake mATX Versa H18.

Fairly small, cheap enough, known quantity.


Alright, so 5700G "yeah, let's go with the highest end one", solid-not-crazy B550 board and 4x DDR4 3600 CL16 sticks of memory with an RM750 and 1TB 980 Non-pro.

The pack in CPU cooler fan will be discarded in favor of the noctua, the case fan included will be tossed in favor of the two noctuas, one intake and one exhaust. Bought a pack of the ears for them as well for the vibration isolation.

Motherboard should support the 5700G out of the box (bios dropped in December that supported it) but has flash back just incase and will have him update to near latest for USB fix.

Pretty sure he pulled the trigger already, but I believe there is a brief wait on the CPU and cooler, so if I could identify any surprises between now and then that would be awesome ;) If you see something amiss, please speak up!

Feedback that it should work well is also welcome :D


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Aug 22, 2001
He should be happy with the 5700G for now. ETAPrime always does the emulation tests -