Question What components do you recommend?


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Aug 21, 2023
I want to choose a new cpu, a motherboard and maybe a gpu to build a pc that is better than my current pc (an hp laptop with a ryzen 7 2700u) and that can run moderately demanding games, I will settle for fortnite or borderlands 3 and It's not that I need something like a current generation CPU, as long as it runs several games and is not so expensive it works for me
I know that the Ryzen 5 5600g is good and has good integrated graphics but I would also like to see other options
I'm more on the AMD side too but I'm willing to try with Intel and the option of using a GPU instead of integrated graphics is also possible.
I can reuse my case cooler master elite k380 and my 600w evga psu, I have a zadak sata ssd but an m.2 wouldn't hurt
I hope you tell me your recommendations


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Mar 21, 2007
My budget for the CPU, motherboard and RAM is about 300-350 dollars.
and for the gpu it would be between 150-280 dollars
I went under budget a little on the CPU RAM and motherboard so you could go a step up on the video card. You can mix and match the motherboard or RAM to your liking as well and/or throw in an M.2 drive if you want.

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