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What color outdoor light bulbs for Thanksgiving?

Pink Jazz

Senior member
Jan 30, 2016
Yes, I love to install colored light bulbs in our outdoor light fixtures for different holidays. From mid-September until today, we had orange and black light bulbs for Halloween.

Now, for Thanksgiving, we have kept our orange light bulbs up, but replaced the black light bulbs with red ones. Right now I am debating this color combo, since the orange/red combo looks a bit fiery. I did choose red to minimize the amount of swaps, since after Thanksgiving I can leave the red bulbs up and swap out the orange bulbs for green ones for Christmas. One of the two red bulbs is in a portal can light.

Ideally the color for Thanksgiving would be brown, but no brown light bulbs exist and would look awful anyway. Perhaps I should use yellow instead of red (I currently don't have any yellow bulbs, unfortunately). My mother also suggested to use an orange/green combo, but one of our neighbors used that combo for Halloween.

What would be your suggestions?