What can you infer about heart health from your HR and BP?

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Oct 28, 1999
You can infer that you have a high/low blood pressure and/or a high/low heart rate.

That's about it really.

low HR & low BP != good health

Yes, most healthy people DO have low numbers, but that doesn't make immune to congenital/hereditary problems like diabetes, heart disease or the various other things that would affect an otherwise healthy person.

Some people just have naturally low HR & BP. Even in my suckiest of shape, my pulse was never higher than 60 at rest. And even though I could run 5 miles in under 30 minutes, my BP was always higher than normal.

They are a guide, nothing more.


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Jul 13, 2002
I have a fear of doctors so when i get my physicals they can never get a really accurate reading of my HR/PB one time i had to sit in the dark for 20 minutes and try to nap so they could get a lower reading. Too much anxiety. First time they checked it it was almost 160/80 the second time (after being left alone in the dark) it was 125/75