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What board game is this? Inspired by the board game thread.


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Feb 21, 2004
I can't remember the name but I used to play it alot when I was younger.

The game involved two people. One side was red and the other side was blue. You would have to setup bombs around the board and all of your pieces were facing you so your opponent could not see. You would have to strategically place bombs around the board so your opponent would bump into them. There was one piece that could defuse the bombs.

Anyone remember the name of this game?


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Feb 25, 2000
Originally posted by: nakedfrog
Originally posted by: DeadByDawn
I guess I'm old school. The one I had had little silver lines pressed into the plastic for the people's faces and their #, not the cardboard insert thingies.
The pic is how I remember it from ~1987
I'm trying to remember how my set looks, as I don't have it with me at the moment. I know the pieces were plastic, but I believe it was similar to the one mentioned by DeadByDawn in that the pictures were done in raised silver lines rather than as printed/colored stickers. As far as I know, I got it sometime in the late 80's or early 90's.

I know my brother and I had a set before that one as well (~early- to mid-80's), and I think it looked about the same. Guess it just depends on where you got it.

Great game nonetheless, though; sadly, I could never find anyone outside my family who enjoyed it.

Edit: Here's what the first set looked like, and here's the box for the set I currently own. No picture of the pieces for the latter, though.


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Feb 25, 2000
Originally posted by: mrjminer
The guy above this has the one I have. I'd guess it's a late 80's era thing.
Yeah, seems to be.

Also, as an aside, did anyone here not use the "silent defender" (i.e., the defender doesn't have to reveal the strength of the unit attacked unless it loses) style of play? I'd always just assumed that was a rule of the game, but apparently it was optional.


Dec 5, 2000