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What are the ways an android program has to identify my device?

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May 2, 2021
Hello, I play chess on an open-source website/program called "lichess" for several years.
However, recently, I created a second account and I didn't know that it hurt the terms of use of the site. You are only allowed, for some reason, to have only one. The problem is that they not only blocked these 2 accounts,
but any other account that I create is also blocked. I would like to know how I can do so that the lichess app does not identify that i am the same person who owns these other accounts and is able to create another one to play.
(Long-term solutions). I have searched a lot and didnt found any content about that in specific. I tried to clear the data of the app but it just didn't work. Thank you, friends.

No. We don't help people circumvent the TOS of another site.
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