What a pain if you forget the Tamper Protection password in Malwarebytes


Feb 24, 2009
Man. What a friggin nightmare. Well, first off, never remember ever turning it on. Kept prompting me for a password for almost all selections on the dashboard. Kept reverifying my LOGIN password, then tried using it in the dashboard and it kept telling me it was invalid. WTF! Finally, I see this thing about Tamper Protection password in my google searches. Great, so I need my software key. Took a few more searches to find out how you get that if you didn't save your email. OK, got it, keep going in circle with the same results. Finally, found their software tool to unistall/reinstall/repair the software. First, pass confusing multiple pop-ups prompts for things out of order it would seem. Surprise, surprise just uninstalled the software. Fortunately, I copied the software key to a text file before I started this process. Downloaded the app again, with the same problem as before. Re-ran the software tool and found the window with Advanced, finally, and selected Clean. It unistalled and then prompted me for the reinstall this time and it finally came up with the TAMPER PROTECTION turned off. NEVER EVER to be turned on again, as I'm the only user of the device. Holy shit where's the Tylenol!
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Jun 5, 2008
That sounds like a pain in the butt. Just double checked my tamper protection to make sure it's off.